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As a therapist in Pensacola, FL, I work with clients who experience anxiety. I also work with clients around the country online using a webcam or phone. Therapy can work very well with anxiety.

Anxiety and StressMy approach is to first accept the anxiety. Many people are simply in denial that they experience anxiety, and this doesn’t work. I teach you how to actually relax into it as soon as you notice it, and oftentimes that alone will reduce it. This is basically the same thing as the releasing that I teach with feelings and stress. It’s a real game changer in your life, so you’re learning about much more than just anxiety.

After we’ve learned to accept it and let it be exactly as it is, we can look for a cause. It’s not always guaranteed that we’ll find it, though, so it’s crucial to be able to relax into it first. We literally say “yes” when it’s there instead of “no,” because saying “no” helps it to be stuck.

A client once had a panic attack in my office, and I had her simply breathe and relax into it. No resistance. After no more than five minutes, it totally passed. As you can imagine, she was amazed. This stuff really is powerful…

So If you’re looking for a therapist in Pensacola, FL to work with you on anxiety, I’d be happy to help. And if you’re anywhere else in the country, we can work together online as well. Regardless, I wish you the best.