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If you think you might need a grief counselor, then by all means seek one out. Hopefully it speeds up your healing. Grief counseling is one of the things I do with clients in Pensacola, FL as well as with clients all over the country online using a webcam.
Grief Therapist

Grief is a tough one, and it’s one that none of us can avoid. Feelings come at you like a roller coaster, with no rhyme or reason. You can feel angry, sad, guilty, and anything in between. There’s no particular order, either. Many people report doing things like looking all over for their car keys, only to find them in the refrigerator. They think they are going crazy, but they are not. They are experiencing grief.Many people see a grief counselor after a loved one has died, and they will report what they are experiencing, like the things mentioned above. Do you know what the first thing the counselor says is? “That’s normal. That’s grief. This is what it looks like.” Many clients report some relief simply from learning this.

My approach to counseling works very well with grief. We can still break much of it down into feeling and thinking. The releasing of feelings that I teach is essential, as well as learning about your thinking. Most of your thoughts are simply not true, and you learn to tell the difference. And that allows the feelings to get cleared out. What’s more, these teachings are universal and apply to every aspect of your life anyway, so it’s important to learn. Your future self will thank you because your life will be so much smoother than it would’ve been before learning this stuff.

If you also want to talk about death from a spiritual perspective, then that’s something I love to do. If you don’t, though, then that’s fine; the work on feeling and thinking is powerful enough. So if you are looking for grief counseling in Pensacola, FL or anywhere else using a webcam online, then I’d be happy to help in any way that I can. And either way, I wish you the very best.