My full fee is $90 per session. I use a sliding scale when appropriate to $75 and $60. The initial session is longer, up to 90 minutes, to make sure that you have my whole “system” when you walk out of the office that first time. Then you go out and live life, practicing what we’ve talked about. Clients have gotten dramatic results as soon as the drive home (great for road ragers, for instance), but of course there is no guarantee. And life often throws you some curveballs right away, but now you know what to do. We say bring it on, because there’s no time like the present. And this stuff really does work. If you’re ready for a different way, that is. That means giving up the old way first, and it just takes practice. Why not give it a try?

Most clients will return for a second session after 1-4 weeks, depending on how stressful their life situation is at the time. Regular sessions last 45 minutes. The work that I do is not designed to be weekly therapy forever. I don’t want to just listen to people bitch and then take their money. I’m literally trying to teach you how to be your own therapist from the first session. The second session can be crucial, though, since we’re unlearning some very, very old habits.

And I do individual counseling and not relationship / marriage counseling or family counseling. This is all about you and how you think, what you believe. And mastering feelings – that’s huge, too. The third thing is spirituality, but only if you’re into that. These teachings about thinking and feeling are universal to all humans, and they’re very powerful. I can work equally well with people who are religious, spiritual, agnostic, or atheist.

The best way to really know if we’re a fit, visit my blog below. It’s all spelled out there, and there are lots of client stories as well. You might even find one similar to your situation. And regardless of whether or not we work together, I wish you total peace.